• Thoughts From A Lost Boy #3
    From the Moment we are born, we are surrounded by people who will love, nurture, and take care of us. We are social creatures that thrive, learn, and grow off one another… However we live most of our lives alone with our thoughts, cursed by the constant chatter in the scowl. When its all said […]
  • Hope…
    Don’t Lose Hope..
  • Thoughts From A Lost Boy#2
    Holy crap I have Covid…. It’s a very strange time that we all live in. We are the most technologically connected that we’ve ever been… yet the most physically distant. A disease runs rampant, shutting down the world, and causing mass paranoia the likes the world has never seen. It is a tough time to […]
  • Thoughts from a Lost Boy #1
    Thoughts from a Lost Boy #1 Today I had a conversation with a good producing friend of mine named “ALLTALE”. During our talk we both came to the conclusion that life is moving incredibly fast. Now more than ever its important to recognize, and internalize our own milestones, even if its as simple as creating […]
  • Sneak Peak 🙂
    November Sneak Peak Just a little snippet from my up and coming song “Stay” Remember To Breathe, And Enjoy Your… – MOMENT

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